How to Spring Clean Your Car

As the days get warmer and the sun shines stronger, many people like to clean out their houses. If you will be doing some cleaning this year, don’t forget to spring clean your car. Here are a few ways to get rid of the grime accumulated during the wintertime.

Here are some great tips to spring clean your car!

  • Empty your car. Take everything out of your car so you can start with a blank slate. Organize everything into three groups: throw away, put away somewhere else, and keep in your car.
  • Clean the upholstery. Winter leaves its mark on your interior with grimy, white marks. Use an upholstery cleaner to scrub away the dirt from your seats and carpeting. Take out your floor mats and hose them down for an easy clean.
  • Wipe down surfaces. Wipe down all hard surfaces in your car. Be careful around electronics to ensure they do not get too wet.
  • Organize your car. Make sure everything you keep in your car has a place and make a habit of clearing out the trash weekly.
  • Wash your exterior. Winter salt is one of the biggest causes of corrosion on a car. Give your car a thorough wash and don’t forget the undercarriage.
  • Get a tune-up. Schedule a service appointment at Muller Toyota and we can make sure your car is ready for the spring and summer ahead.

Constant care throughout the year will keep your car in top shape for many years to come.

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