Toyota Unveils New Concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota unveiled some awesome new Concepts at Tokyo Motor Show


Toyota fans get ready, as Toyota has unveiled new models to be featured in the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The innovative concepts are the Tj CRUISER, the GR HV SPORTS concept, and the Crown Concept. We at Muller Toyota are excited by what these new concepts could mean for the future of Toyota.

Tj CRUISER concept

The Tj Cruiser offers an innovative design combination, blending a SUV concept with a cargo van. Sleek, yet spacious and powerful, this model uses a hybrid system along with a 2.0-liter engine. It’s meant to be like a toolbox on wheels, and the design shows it.

GR HV SPORTS concept

Toyota offers another smart combination with this model, blending the smooth lines and finesse of a sports car with the environmental benefits of a state-of-the-art hybrid. This sporty ride has a powerful hybrid battery that is smartly integrated within the car for optimal performance.

Crown Concept

The Crown has a long history at Toyota. It was discontinued in 1971, but now it’s back and it’s fierce. The Crown Concept is a luxury sedan that comes equipped with a new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) networking function. Toyota has been at the forefront of autonomous vehicle research, and it is busy developing radically new and innovative technologies. The Crown Concept features some of Toyota’s latest advances.

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