Toyota’s New Connected Technologies Division Aim’s to Enhance Driver Experience

Toyota Connected Technologies Division


In today’s world, cars are no longer simply machines that get us from one place to another. Increasingly, our vehicles are mobile information hubs, integrated with our smart devices and other technologies we depend on throughout the day. Always one step ahead, Toyota has created a new “Connected Technologies” division, focused on delivering an industry-leading user experience and developing new vehicle technologies.


Comprised of roughly 100 new positions, staffed primarily by Toyota employees already working on connected technology, research and development, and information systems, the new Connected Technologies division will step up the companies efforts on connected vehicles with the goal of offering “a more human experience,” according to Zack Hicks, CEO of Toyota Connected North America.


Integrated technology and connectivity are high on the list of drivers’ priorities in our information age, and Toyota’s decision to create a team focused solely on this is the company’s latest way of demonstrating their commitment to a buyer-centered business model determined to produce outstanding vehicles that fit the ever-changing needs of their customers.


It’s safe to say we can expect big things from Toyota’s Connected Technologies group in the near future, which aims to emphasize individual driver preference courtesy of innovative new technologies that improve the overall ownership experience.


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