Follow These Simple Tips and Prepare Your Car for Fall

Make sure to prepare your car for fall


Whether you’re still mourning the end of summer or excited to bust out your scarves and sweaters, fall is here once again. That means winter weather and unpredictable driving conditions are just around the corner as well. Follow these easy tips to prepare your car for fall.


Fix those scratches

An early winter can really do a number on your car’s exterior if you’re not prepared for it. Rain, ice, snow, and salt can all accumulate on your vehicle and cause rust and erosion. Protect your car by fixing any scrapes and scratches and throw on a coat of wax before the weather turns ugly.


Check your tires

Check your tires and make sure they have sufficient tread and are properly inflated. Even the best all-season tires will underperform if not well maintained.


Stow emergency items

Stock your car with a few inexpensive emergency items in case you are ever left stranded in the cold. Be sure to have blankets, gloves, and a few bottles of water to keep you safe if you have to wait for help to arrive.


Change your Oil

Changing your oil is a cheap, easy way to ensure your car performs well. This is especially true when driving in stressful fall conditions. Changing your oil yourself is always an option, but you can have a mechanic do it quickly and inexpensively, too.


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