Truck Camping Tips: A New Way to Stay Outdoors

2017 Toyota Tacoma - truck camping tips

One of the best summer activities for families is camping, and, with a new Toyota Tacoma, camping has never been easier. There are a number of accessories you can add to your Tacoma in order to optimize your camping trip, including canopies. In fact, many prefer truck camping because of the added insulation, easy set up, and more.

According to Desk to Dirtbag, there are a few truck camping tips to keep in mind. Canopies, or caps as some call them, are accessories to go over the bed of your truck to keep it enclosed. There are a few things to look for:

  • Canopy liners like carpet help to reduce condensation.
  • Sliding windows are preferable.
  • Electrical compatibility so you can charge electronics from the bed.

Additionally, you’ll probably want to look for new canopies, though there may be some good deals out there (compatibility makes it difficult to find the right ones).

You may also want to add some lining in your truck bed. An elevated sleep platform can easily be built for less than $100 in lumber, allowing for easy gear storage underneath. You may also find that bringing a sleeping bag and large tarp allows you to attach your tent to the bed, which allows for an outdoor suite of sorts.

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