Toyota Prius’ Hybrid Technology

The Toyota Prius hit the market in 1997 and quickly became the most popular hybrid car in the world. Thanks to its design and hybrid technology, the Prius continues to reign supreme to this day. Here’s a short breakdown of how the Toyota Prius’ hybrid technology works from us here at Muller Toyota.

Toyota Prius' Hybrid Technology

2017 Toyota Prius lineup.

Entering the Fourth Generation in Style

There are few vehicles that are consistently associated with hybrid technology, and the Prius is one of them. While many automakers are still developing their own hybrid technology, the Prius has entered its fourth generation in style.

Fuel Economy & Charging

Drivers concerned about fuel economy are drawn to the Prius, thanks in part to a standard energy monitor. The system keeps track of the energy stemming from the battery, engine, and regenerative braking.

The regenerative braking system works by effectively recharging the battery every time the brakes are activated. As a result, the Prius doesn’t require much in the way of at-home charging, since the battery is constantly being charged under normal driving conditions.

Most Popular Hybrid in the World

Unlike many hybrids, the Prius features a special gearbox that combines the generator, electric motor, and engine into a single unit. That combination results in high fuel economy without compromising performance. While the Toyota Prius isn’t the quickest car on the road, its design and hybrid technology have made it the most popular hybrid in the world.

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