Places to Travel in Your Prius

Places to Travel in Your Prius | Muller Toyota | Clinton, NJHeading out on the road is a summer pastime many Americans enjoy, and there are few vehicles better to go along for the ride than the Toyota Prius. The fuel efficient hatchback offers exceptional interior space, a smooth ride, and a high fuel economy. That makes it perfect for hitting the road this summer. Here are some nearby places to travel in your Prius, as suggested by us here at Muller Toyota.

New Paltz

Located around an hour and a half from New York City, New Paltz is home to some of the best mountains in the United States. Adventurers flock from all over the country to scale the cliffs and go rock climbing with friends and family. Afterwards, stop at The Hueguenot, a new restaurant that serves delicious dishes at affordable prices.

Hudson Valley

Getting away from the modern world is as easy as visiting Hudson Valley, or, more specifically, Kinderhook. The 1,200-acre farm doesn’t have any Wi-Fi connectivity, television, or bars. That makes it the perfect place to unplug for a weekend and collect your thoughts.


There are few places as peaceful at Catskills, a fishing area that’s as in tune with nature as the rural Midwest. Take some time to wade into the creek and try to catch your own dinner. This affordable road trip makes for some wonderful memories with family and friends.

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