Important Tips for Spring Car Cleaning

Warm weather is here, which means it’s time once again for spring car cleaning. Make your car look shiny and brand-new with some help from these tips.

Clean the Interior – Don’t Forget the Trunk.

Take some time to get all of the trash and dirt out of your car. If you have some things you want to keep, like old clothes or anything else you threw into the backseat, now’s the time to take them inside.

Spring Car Cleaning in Clinton, NJ

Spring Car Cleaning

Wash the Outside and Underneath

Use a car-safe soap to prevent the paint from stripping or wearing. After you’ve done your typical wipe-down and rinse, make sure to clean up the undercarriage of your vehicle – it likely has accumulated some winter grime.

Replace Wipers

Wipers pick up a lot of dirt, leaves, and other unsavory things, which can speed up wear and tear. Prep for summer thunderstorms with new wiper blades.

Do Windows Last

A lot of the run-off from the rest of the vehicle just ends up dirtying your windows again, so save your windows for last to save yourself from doing extra work in the long run.

Don’t Overlook Waxing

By giving your vehicle a layer of wax after you’re done scrubbing it and making it squeaky-clean, you’re putting extra effort into keeping your car looking nice in the long term.

Spring car cleaning is a rewarding experience, so try your hand at these tips, courtesy of the team at Muller Toyota.

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