Toyota Prius Challenge Heads to Silicon Valley

The fun, technical Prius Challenge is returning for the third time this year. This time, it will be held at the Sonoma Raceway in Silicon Valley on March 3, 2017. One big change for this year’s event is that the public will be able to participate.

Prius Challenge


In the challenge, participants compete to see who can achieve the highest fuel efficiency on a Toyota Prius within a certain amount of time. They will be able to use technical data to optimize their performance. The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is hosting this year’s event.


Dr. ‎Gill Pratt, CEO at Toyota Research Institute, Inc., said, “Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are a hotbed for automotive talent and innovation, and this event is the perfect opportunity for TRI to engage with the tech community and have some fun in the process.”


Participants will work together as a team and will get to interact with industry leaders in robotics, artificial intelligence, mobility, and machine learning. They will gather real-time data to create strategies to enhance their fuel economy. And, there will even be an on-site driving simulator where teams can practice.


If you know someone who would love to participate in this event, have them sign up online to receive more information.

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