Why Toyota Wants Self-Driving Cars

Toyota Wants Self-Driving Cars

It’s easy for those afraid of technology to make self-driving cars out as the worst thing to happen to the world. Many drivers love the whole driving aspect of driving, but–believe it or not–that might not be a good thing. Now Toyota is making the argument for self-driving cars and it’s something few drivers likely thought of.

As it turns out Toyota wants self-driving cars to aid the elderly. Japan is home to the highest life expectancy in the world, 81 for men and 87 for women. The large elderly population puts a strain on the country. That’s why the Japanese automaker is investing in self-driving cars.

Toyota isn’t new to elderly-assisting technology, particularly in the realm of robotics. In a recent commercial, Toyota put its focus on assisting the elderly at the forefront.

The commercial depicts an elderly man being driven by a self-driving car. During the commercial, which comes out to under two minutes in length, the man takes in the sights around him and relives his youth. A reflection of what could become the future of its home country, Toyota is looking to benefit society as a whole.

Keep in mind that if self-driving cars assist the elderly, no longer will you be stuck behind an elderly driver rolling along as 30 mph under the speed limit.

Here at Muller Toyota, we’re proud to offer some of the most assistance-driven cars in the world!

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