Toyota’s Safety Software Adds Child Models

Toyota’s Safety Software

Going above and beyond the call of duty may as well be Toyota’s motto. The Japanese automaker recently made a major update to its virtual software that will improve the safety of children in vehicles involved in a crash. With the addition of three new models, Toyota’s safety software just got a major upgrade.

Toyota’s safety software is used by automakers, suppliers, and researchers around the world, although Toyota declined to comment on what other automakers use the software. Even so, an upgrade to the software means safer vehicles around the world.

Before the upgrade, the safety software was limited to seeing the effects of a crash on large males, average-built males, and small females. Now, with the addition of three child models, automakers can collect data on 10 year olds, six year olds, and three year olds.

The new models will help researchers and safety engineers collect data on how to make safety systems better protect smaller adults and children. Two of the effected systems include airbags and seat shapes. While physical crash tests can take days to set up, running a virtual simulation can be done dozens of time in the same amount of time. That means faster data collection for automakers which will ultimately result in further safety improvements arriving sooner rather than later.

Here at Muller Toyota, we couldn’t be happier to offer some of the safest vehicles on the market!

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