The Clinton Guild – Preserving the Historic Town

The Clinton GuildWe at Muller Toyota are proud to serve Clinton, New Jersey. This town is picture-perfect with many charming features. You may already know about the antique iron bridge, the beautiful waterfall, and the classic grist mills, as well as the replica of the old log cabin. However, did you know that there is more than beautiful nature and buildings?

Clinton has always been a unique location, attractive to entrepreneurs. These businessmen were originally Englishmen, then later Germans and Irish. The beautiful area that we love became a flourishing town under the influence of small town business owners.

Today the spirit of entrepreneurship continues through the Clinton Guild. This is an organization that was formed in 1972 and consists of more than 70 local business owners and merchants. They work to promote the unique village of Clinton, including all the shopping, dining, and other services available.

Clinton is a historic and wonderful location and the Clinton Guild helps to preserve the rich history and welcoming spirit of the town. Whether you are a Clinton native or just a visitor, feel free to walk into any shop and say hi!

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