EPA Recognizes Toyota as Environmental Leader

The Toyota Prius 4 has helped make Toyota an Environmental Leader

Toyota makes big strides when it comes to being an environmental leader, and its continued recognition proves this fact. For the 12th year in a row, the EPA has awarded Toyota the US Energy Star Partner of the Year Award.

“Being named an Energy Star Partner of the Year is a tremendous honor,” said Toyota’s Plant Environmental Engineering Group General Manager Robin Haugen. “Earning that honor twelve years in a row is testament to the dedication of our team members to reduce our carbon footprint and become an environmental leader in our industry.”

Dedication, indeed. Since 2002, Toyota has cost savings of more than $640 million and reduced its overall energy consumption by 35%. Comparatively, it saved enough energy to power households in Arkansas for nearly an entire year.

Efforts that contribute to reduced energy costs include HVAC variable frequency drives, chiller system efficiency improvements, and compressed air system efficiency improvements, which are just some of the ways that Toyota has decreased its environmental impact.

In this fiscal year alone, these methods and more have resulted in cost savings of more than $82 million. Go Toyota!

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