How to Keep Your Car Cool on Hot Days


Keep Your Car Cool

When the hot weather starts rolling in, we remember the oppressiveness of getting into our hot car. So before the highest heat sets in, here are some tips on how to keep your car cool.

Try to find a shaded area to park underneath – This might seem obvious, but it helps more than you’d think. Try to take a bit of extra time to park under trees, in an underground lot, or under a tall building. Parking in the shade keeps the direct sun from heating up your car.

Buy a sun shade for your car – Purchasing a sun shade is a great investment in keeping your car cool. Either a sun shade or a UV heat shield will keep your car cool even when you park in the sun. They reduce interior temperature and protect the car’s interior from harmful sun rays that penetrate the windshield.

Only open the lower vents – To cool down, you typically open your windows. Since heat rises, the best idea is to put your fans on high and close the upper vents so that only the bottoms vents are open. This keeps the cool air from escaping through the open windows.

Follow these tips and stay cool on those hot days!

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