Visually Impaired Helped with Toyota’s New Device

Toyota’s New Device helps the visually impaired

Toyota is a company that not only cares about cars, but it’s also concerned for people in society. Currently, Toyota is producing technology to help people who are visually impaired.

Toyota’s new device is worn by those with visual impairments to help them navigate their surroundings. This wearable device uses cameras to recognize surroundings and is worn on the shoulders. The gadget then uses speakers and vibrations to direct the wearer.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) refers to the device as an exciting development, as it allows for more mobility and independence for the wearer. Toyota’s device is not meant to replace current aids, but to help fill any gaps left by service dogs, canes, and basic GPS devices.

Project Blaid has been crucial in developing this technology. The project plans to continue development, adding in features such as facial recognition, object identification, and programmable software.

Robin Spinks, senior strategy manager at the RNIB, told the BBC: “This is a very exciting development within the rapidly growing field of wearable assistive technology. Mobility is at the heart of so much in our society and a device like Blaid could open up limitless possibilities for millions of blind and partially sighted people.”

We at Muller Toyota are proud to be part of a company that uses its engineering knowledge to not only create reliable vehicles, but also to improve lives!

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