So This is How Toyota Markets the Prius in Japan

Check out how Toyota markets the Prius in Japan

2016 Prius Four

Let’s just put it out there: Japan can be weird. Or, more appropriately, Japan can be weird from the American perspective. Or, more accurately, Japan can be weird from any perspective besides the Japanese. Maybe that’s not politically correct but it feels true, and once we show you how Toyota markets the Prius in Japan, we think you’ll agree.

Hybrids are already wildly popular in Japan. You’d think that fact alone would keep Toyota from concocting wild marketing schemes to attract buyers, but it didn’t. So, without further ado, meet the Prius Impossible Girls.

It might be weird, but we like how Toyota markets the Prius in Japan: basically, they picked out all the impressive mechanical components of the new Prius and turned them into sexy anime characters. In the commercial, you only see a handful, but a grand total of 40 attributes and components have undergone the human-to-auto part switch (or, the auto part-to-human switch: the true chicken-or-egg question of the modern age). Apparently, the characters are also part of a Pokemon-esque trading card game, coming (maybe) to toy stores near you (probably not).

Which Impossible Girl is your favorite? For us, it’s hard to decide: those are some red-hot anthropomorphized auto parts. But, if we had to pick, maybe we’d go with the smokin’ blonde hill start assist control.





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