Basic Car Parts: Understanding Your Vehicle

Car Parts

Understanding your car from bumper to bumper can have its advantages. Whether you’re better prepared for an emergency situation or communicate with your mechanic better, learning basic car parts is a must-do for every driver on the road.

According to Car and Driver, there are a range of different parts depending on your model, most of which can be classified by their use. Engine parts include things like the pistons, which move flawlessly with the combustion process to produce power by connecting to the crankshaft. Spark plugs ignite the gas fumes in the pistons, and fuel pumps supply the engine with gas. Fuel is dispersed and mixed with air through the fuel injector/carburetor.

The electrical system includes things like your battery, which is charged by a small belt-driven generator called the alternator. These two things power the electronics, from lights to music. Fuses regulate the power, ensuring there are no surges.

Exhaust includes things like the muffler, which dampens sound from the engine exhaust, and the O2 sensor which measures and determines air mixture, increasing and regulating efficiency. The catalytic convertor uses rare metals to turn toxic fumes into safer emissions.

These are just a handful of parts and systems, but they’ll keep you better informed when you’re behind the wheel.

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