New 2016 Prius Exterior Features Add Sporty Styling

2015 Prius

2015 Prius pictured

Fans of the Prius were able to spy some photos of the new design recently. Promising to be sportier than ever, this model has some serious exterior upgrades, subtle interior changes, and better performance features than ever before.

According to Green Car Reports, the Prius made its American debut on September 8th and looks pretty sharp. A redesigned front fascia eliminates major portions of the grille, leaving owners with a distinct split-grille look and proud Toyota badging. Plus, this model has sharp headlights and seriously sleek contours.

The rear end has had some subtle changes, but the most interesting one is a “floating-roof” design that echoes the Toyota Mirai (the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle). High taillights and angled lighting elements will add some flair as well.

Toyota has yet to release all the information about the new model, and has instead left fans with a list of 2016 Prius exterior features. It’s estimated that the model will get about 55 mpg combined, but EPA estimates are not yet available.

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