New Toyota i-Road Concept Has Only Three Wheels

Toyota i-Road concept at the Chicago Auto Show

The Toyota i-road concept will certainly turn a few heads. Image from the Chicago Auto Show!

Who needs four wheels on their car? Not Toyota, that’s for sure.

That’s right, the automaker’s next major endeavor is to create a vehicle that runs on only three wheels. No fourth wheel necessary. The three-wheel Toyota car is actually currently on the road in Tokyo.

It’s called the i-Road Concept, and it looks like the combination of a tiny car and some sort of motorcycle that was sent back in time from the future, with two wheels in the front and just one in the back.

The three-wheel vehicle was designed to be “both fun and convenient for city driving,” according to the i-Road’s chief engineer. The two front wheels move independently of each other, allowing the vehicle to bend and drift like a motorcycle.

Would you like to zip through the city streets in one of these? Check out the three-wheeled Toyota i-Road Concept here, and let us know your thoughts on this unconventional new car in the comments or visit Muller Toyota today to see some of Toyota’s other industry-best vehicles!

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