Toyota-BMW Partnership to Develop Sports Car

Toyota Team

Toyota is teaming up with BMW to develop the ultimate vehicle

Toyota and BMW have always had a few surprises in store, and now they’ve taken it to the next level. They’re joining forces to create a brand new sports car. No worries; the Toyota GT-86 will still maintain its presence. This new vehicle will sit above it in the lineup instead.

“The intention with the new car is for it to sit above the GT86. It doesn’t replace that model; the GT86 goes on with its own mission,” said Karl Schlicht, Toyota Europe’s vice president and product planning chief.

The Toyota and BMW model will use hybrid powertrains in all four wheels. The engines will come straight from BMW matched with electric motors that draw energy from super capacitors. Here’s a bonus: we may be seeing a model from both BMW and Toyota riding on the same platform.

“The one thing we’re clear on now is that a platform for both companies can work. The cars in themselves don’t actually need to be positioned the same. The platform can spawn two positionings,” said Ian Robertson, BMW’s board member for sales and marketing.

No word on which partner of the Toyota-BMW partnership will be in charge of production but hey, does it matter? New sports car! Toyota’s version is expected to start at more than $55,000 and officially meet roadways in 2017. Here’s an overview video.

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