D.C. History Teacher Wins Toyota Teacher of the Year Award

Thank a teacher this week

Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner! (May 5-9)

For almost two decades now, Toyota has partnered with the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) to recognize and award teachers who do an exceptional job of involving families in the education process. This year, Kristen Whitaker of Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC) in Washington, D.C., took home the award as the Toyota Family Teacher of the Year. Whitaker is the first high school teacher to win the award in its 19 year run.

Whitaker has been the catalyst behind a huge increase in home visits from CHEC faculty to students’ homes. Home visits are an excellent way to build relationships between students, families, and educators alike, and unite them all in the education process. The CHEC staff has made over 200 home visits just this year.

The award comes with a $20,000 grant, money which Whitaker is putting towards starting a summer family camp for low-income minority students and their families. The camp continues both her own work and the work Toyota seeks to award with its Toyota Teacher of the Year program. Come see us at Muller Toyota to learn more about the Toyota brand and its values today!

With teacher appreciation day just around the corner, don’t forget to thank you teacher or your children’s teacher!

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