Toyota Mirai Design: The Future of Eco-Friendly Automotive Design

The Toyota Mirai

The Toyota FCV AKA the Mirai

Giving owners a chance to see the production process, Toyota recently released a series of videos following the new Mirai from start to finish. This new model is the company’s first production hydrogen-powered model, marking a new milestone in eco-friendly auto design.

The Toyota Mirai design is incredibly complex, and consists of the latest in Toyota alternative-fuel technology. The videos reveal that only about a dozen or so workers put together each model, by hand. This means owners get an unprecedented attention to detail. It also means that only about three cars will be made per day, according to Toyota.

“For us, [the Mirai] marks a new start,” said Toyota’s president, Akio Toyoda. “This is not to reflect on the past, but rather to celebrate Toyota’s new start, where we take a fresh step towards the future.”

So why only three cars per day?  Right now, hydrogen filling stations are almost non-existent in the US, with exceptions in California and a handful of other regions. As soon as the infrastructure improves in the US, Toyota can hit the ground running with one of the best fuel-cell vehicles on the market.

While we don’t have the Toyota Mirai on our lot, we do carry plenty of other fuel efficient vehicles, like the Toyota Prius.

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