Toyota's Hybrid Sales
Despite predictions that demand for hybrid vehicles would decline this year, Toyota’s hybrid sales are still going strong, according to the Japanese automaker. Overall, the brand has seen excellent sales of hybrid vehicles around the globe. Most notably, the new Toyota Prius saw a dramatic, practically unprecedented sales increase with […]

Toyota’s Hybrid Sales Going Strong

Toyota Wants Self-Driving Cars
It’s easy for those afraid of technology to make self-driving cars out as the worst thing to happen to the world. Many drivers love the whole driving aspect of driving, but–believe it or not–that might not be a good thing. Now Toyota is making the argument for self-driving cars and […]

Why Toyota Wants Self-Driving Cars

Check out how Toyota markets the Prius in Japan
Let’s just put it out there: Japan can be weird. Or, more appropriately, Japan can be weird from the American perspective. Or, more accurately, Japan can be weird from any perspective besides the Japanese. Maybe that’s not politically correct but it feels true, and once we show you how Toyota […]

So This is How Toyota Markets the Prius in Japan

Toyota water steward
Toyota is increasing its efforts when it comes to water stewardship with a new watershed effort. Toyota’s Portland Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC) was recently redesigned with a focus on water conservation and cleanliness. Located on the Willamette River, the VDC is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. According to […]

Toyota Water Stewardship: A New Approach to Conserving H2O

Toyota’s New Device helps the visually impaired
Toyota recently introduced an innovative car-sharing program for tourists in Okinawa, Japan. This test-run for a service that uses electric cars on the island for car sharing is part of an effort to connect tourists to Japanese landmarks, without leaving a large carbon footprint. According to Toyota, this is the […]

Toyota Car-Sharing Program: Electric Compact Vehicles

2016 Toyota Mirai
Toyota’s getting closer to matching the conventional gasoline engine when it comes to driving range in the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Releasing to the public in California later this year, Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the first mass market option of its kind and it’s getting hard to pass up. […]

2016 Toyota Mirai’s Free Fuel Deal