Here are some useful winter care care tips from your friends at Muller Toyota!
Winter has already begun, bringing with it inclement weather. If you still need to get your car ready for winter, here are a few winter car care tips. Battery. Extreme cold can cause an already weak battery to fail. Have your battery tested to make sure it can make it […]

Winter Car Care Tips

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Winter can be the harshest season of the year, especially for cars that aren’t properly prepared. Fortunately there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your vehicle runs all winter long. By performing some simple maintenance jobs, you can increase your car’s overall lifespan, efficiency, and performance […]

Simple Maintenance Jobs to Winterize Your Car

The Toyota Prius 4 has helped make Toyota an Environmental Leader
Toyota makes big strides when it comes to being an environmental leader, and its continued recognition proves this fact. For the 12th year in a row, the EPA has awarded Toyota the US Energy Star Partner of the Year Award. “Being named an Energy Star Partner of the Year is a […]

EPA Recognizes Toyota as Environmental Leader

How Regenerative Brakes Work
Regenerative brakes are an important part of what makes PHEV and EV cars extra efficient. This type of braking system allows a car’s electric battery to charge while driving when the brakes are used, meaning less energy is wasted when braking and batteries have to be charged less frequently than […]

Green Technology: How Regenerative Brakes Work

Toyota water steward
Toyota is increasing its efforts when it comes to water stewardship with a new watershed effort. Toyota’s Portland Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC) was recently redesigned with a focus on water conservation and cleanliness. Located on the Willamette River, the VDC is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. According to […]

Toyota Water Stewardship: A New Approach to Conserving H2O