Toyota Nameplate - modernized Toyota Supra
We at Muller Toyota were thrilled to hear the recent rumors of the new Toyota sports car. We are hoping that this car will be the modern interpretation of the Toyota Supra. This vehicle will also be the next-generation BMW Z5 since the two companies have been working together on […]

Is a Modernized Toyota Supra in the Works?

Toyota’s New Device helps the visually impaired
Toyota recently introduced an innovative car-sharing program for tourists in Okinawa, Japan. This test-run for a service that uses electric cars on the island for car sharing is part of an effort to connect tourists to Japanese landmarks, without leaving a large carbon footprint. According to Toyota, this is the […]

Toyota Car-Sharing Program: Electric Compact Vehicles

2015 Prius
Fans of the Prius were able to spy some photos of the new design recently. Promising to be sportier than ever, this model has some serious exterior upgrades, subtle interior changes, and better performance features than ever before. According to Green Car Reports, the Prius made its American debut on […]

New 2016 Prius Exterior Features Add Sporty Styling

Toyota’s New Device helps the visually impaired
Is #Toyota Building a #Hybrid Open-Wheel Super-Light #Sportscar? — Carjojo Corp (@CarjojoCorp) May 26, 2015 Toyota has always been a leader in the car industry, offering more and more innovative models that knock the competition’s socks off. Now, the Japanese carmaker is taking this innovation even further. Toyota […]

Toyota Hints at Future Open-Wheel Sports Car Concept

Toyota i-Road concept at the Chicago Auto Show
Who needs four wheels on their car? Not Toyota, that’s for sure. That’s right, the automaker’s next major endeavor is to create a vehicle that runs on only three wheels. No fourth wheel necessary. The three-wheel Toyota car is actually currently on the road in Tokyo. It’s called the i-Road […]

New Toyota i-Road Concept Has Only Three Wheels

Toyota Team
Toyota and BMW have always had a few surprises in store, and now they’ve taken it to the next level. They’re joining forces to create a brand new sports car. No worries; the Toyota GT-86 will still maintain its presence. This new vehicle will sit above it in the lineup […]

Toyota-BMW Partnership to Develop Sports Car