Check Out These Toyotas on the Big Screen

Though not movie stars, we have plenty of great Toyotas on the lot at Muller!

The Ferrari 250GT (Ferris Bueller’s car) isn’t the only one that gets screen time! Multiple Toyotas have graced the big screen, and we’re here to name just a few! Be sure to check these movies out to catch your favorite car.

1985 Toyota Tacoma SR5 – Back to the Future

Obviously, most people think of the Delorean when they think of this movie’s vehicles. But the Toyota Tacoma SR5 plays an important role, too – after all, it’s Marty McFly’s dream car! While he may only have it in the “ideal” scenario of the future, it’s still a glorious moment when he sees it in the garage.

1994 Toyota Supra MK IV – The Fast and the Furious

This classic film sparked a mega-franchise (and a new appreciation for sports cars). One of the best parts of this film is the ending – where both main characters race each other, Dominic Toretto in a Dodge Charger and O’Connor in the infamous Supra. The Supra ends up being the getaway car for Dom – who could ask for a more epic ending?

2003 Toyota Tundra – Terminator 3

The third Terminator movie was elevated by the presence of the impressive Tundra. If you know Terminator at all, then you know it is action-packed and full of car chase scenes. Many of these scenes took place in the Tundra, where it showed off its on-road performance and capabilities by always getting the Terminator out of trouble.


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