Car Accessories For A Great Summer

Here are some great Car Accessories for a great summer in Clinton, NJ!


More free time in the summer added to the increased heat means that you might spend more time in the car, either for road trips or on the way to the beach. Here are some cool (literally) car accessories that will make your car the perfect summer vehicle.

Cargo Cooler

This is a step up from the traditional portable cooler. This thermo-electric cooler keeps food at exactly the temperature you want. It also plugs into your car so that it can maintain this temperature throughout your drive.

AC Cupholder

On road trips, it can be easy for your drink to get warm if you’re sipping it slowly. This AC cupholder lets you take your time with your drink, all while keeping it cool! It clips onto your AC vents, holding your drink directly in the airflow.

Sun Shades

This should definitely be on your must-have list. Sun shades are perfect for when you’re parking the car for an extended period of time, creating shade in your vehicle to keep the temperature down. You can get suction-cup shades for your windows as well as a folding shade for your windshield.

Cooling Seat Cushion

If you have leather seating, it can get very hot in the summertime. For the summer, consider purchasing cooling seat cushions that actively work to cool you down while you drive.

If your car doesn’t have an AC powerful enough to beat the heat (or a plug for that neat cooler), come see us at Muller Toyota to see the new vehicles on our lot.

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