Toyota Testing Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars | Muller Toyota | Clinton, NJ

It’s no news that the future of the automotive industry is expected to be filled with self-driving cars. Most manufacturers—including Toyota—have aimed for the 2020s as the decade of self-driving vehicles. Many designs are well underway, and Toyota has just recently provided us with a new look at their own developments—the Concept-i.

Toyota’s Concept-i was first revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s futuristic in every way imaginable, from a unique, smooth, exterior shape which calls to mind space travel, to its advanced capabilities. For their self-driving car, Toyota plans to offer more than just an autonomous performance on the road. The Concept-i will also be equipped with an advanced AI system capable of engaging in conversations with the driver. The goal is that this AI system will have the ability to actually get to know the driver, to distinguish feelings, and to carry on meaningful conversations with the driver.

Intelligent cars like these may seem far away, but Toyota is working toward them at top speed. We’re excited to see where the future of Toyota will take us, and to watch as the Concept-i continues to develop. But until the 2020s, we’re happy to stick with our inventory at Muller Toyota.

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