Decorate Your Car For Halloween with These Costume Ideas

Halloween Car Decorating


Are you going to a trunk ‘r’ treat, or just like going all out for Halloween? Here are some ideas for how to decorate your car.

Ghost Nightclub

You know those inflatable Halloween character decorations that light up? Get a bunch of the ghosts and put them in the trunk of your ride with some colorful strings of holiday lights, then pump up the bass on your sound system – instant haunted club in the back of your car.

Magic Carriage Ride

Have some little ones that like the idea of being a Disney princess for the evening? You won’t need a fairy godmother to decorate your ride like a carriage with some fairy lights and cardboard carriage wheels. Just make sure you’re back before midnight so your car doesn’t turn into a pumpkin.

Sharp Teeth (alternately, “Shark Teeth”)

The easy way to do this costume is just to put some cardboard teeth on your open trunk or front grille (depending on which way your car is facing). You can also go all out by decorating the rest of your vehicle with shark fins and a tail.

Sports Fan Paraphernalia

This is pretty simple. Just hang a bunch of your favorite team’s paraphernalia like blankets, jerseys, and team colors around your vehicle and have everyone dress up in their spirit wear.

Use these awesome tips to decorate your car for Halloween. If you need a car to dress up in the first place, then plan a trip to Muller Toyota, where we have some scary good deals.

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