Famous Toyotas in Movies You Should Look For


Toyotas in Movies



Lots of films use cars for everything from thrilling race scenes to time travel. Here’s some Toyotas in movies you should look for next time you watch these classic favorites.


Back to the Future

When most people think of “cars” and Back to the Future, odds are they think of the DeLorean first. However, the DeLorean shares the stage with another sweet ride – Marty McFly’s dream car, the Toyota Tacoma SR5. McFly’s adventures in time with Doc Brown end up altering his life in his favor, and he comes home to find the Tacoma SR5 sitting in his garage. Toyota played up their appearance in Back to the Future by rereleasing a concept Tacoma SR5 based on the movie’s model in 2015.


The Fast & The Furious

While the Fast & Furious franchise has continued releasing more films packed with more awesome cars over the years, the original 2001 movie featured a number of different Toyota models. The most memorable Toyota cameo in the film, however, comes with protagonist Brian O’Connor blocking Dominic Torreto’s path in a bright orange, modded Toyota Supra. Though O’Connor lets Torreto go, his point stands – the Toyota Supra easily bested its competition.


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