Driving Safety Tips for Back-to-School Season

driving safety tips

It wouldn’t be a weekday morning during the school year if the school parking lot and nearby roads weren’t filled with congested traffic. Parents pick up and drop off their kids while school buses navigate the road, which means there’s a lot of cars around schools. Keep these driving safety tips in mind during the back to school season to keep everyone’s kids safe.

Don’t Drop Off Kids Across the Street: It can be tempting to drop the little ones off across the street to avoid traffic, but that means they have to cross the street to get to school, putting them in the way of traffic.

Carpool: If there’s multiple children in your neighborhood, offer to carpool to reduce traffic in the school parking lot.

Don’t Block Crosswalks: When you’re at a red light, make sure you stay behind the crosswalk to allow plenty of space for young pedestrians.

Watch For Pedestrians: Regardless of who has the right of way, yield to kids crossing the street. Kids are unpredictable and will often ignore traffic laws.

Be Mindful of School Buses: The area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for kids, so make sure you keep adequate distance.

These driving safety tips will help keep not only your kids, but other students safe during the school year. We wish you good luck with the new school year here at Muller Toyota!

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