Top 6 New Jersey Getaways

See These 6 New Jersey Getaways Today

New Jersey Has Some Great Weekend Getaways

While many people don’t necessarily think of New Jersey when they think of vacation destinations, there are plenty of great gems in New Jersey. If you’re looking to escape your routine for a few days, then here are the top six New Jersey getaways.

Sussex County

Home to some of the most impressive natural beauty in the northeast, Sussex County in is the perfect place for relaxation. In addition to its natural surroundings, Sussex County is home to plenty of amazing local vineyards.


If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then the country life of Newton is perfect for you. With plenty of quiet nature, it’s perfect for relaxing. You can also check out a show at The Newton Theatre.


The historic district of Flemington is filled with interesting architecture and shops.


Filled with plenty of gardens, walking paths, and quaint hotels, Hamilton is a wonderful place to relax.

Mays Landing

Perfect for wine and history enthusiasts, Mays Landing is filled with interesting history and lovely vineyards.


Filled with art, culture, and plenty of fun activities, Millville is great for a weekend getaway.

New Jersey is filled with unique history, so there are plenty of great places for weekend getaways. Stop in at Muller Toyota today and find the perfect car for your next getaway!

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