Tips for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Preparation

So, you’ve been selected to host Thanksgiving. Congratulations! Sure, it can be a daunting task, but the important thing is to stay calm and to stay organized. Start your Thanksgiving preparation early on so you don’t leave everything for the last minute. If you do a little each day, your Thanksgiving dinner will be easy as … well, you know.

Thanksgiving Preparation

Begin by putting pen to paper. Get all of your recipes together. Even if you think you know one by heart, include it in your pile. Next, make lists: a grocery list, a list of kitchen tools, and a list of what needs to cook where and for how long. Use the grocery list to head to the store and remember the earlier in the month, the better. There will be less crowds and more inventory.


Use the list of kitchen tools to take your own inventory of your supplies and make sure you have everything. While you’re poking around your kitchen, take the time to clean out your fridge and clear counter space. You’ll need the room.


Lastly, use the list of cooking times and methods to make a game plan for the day of. Figure out what will take the longest and start with that first. Check your turkey plan, especially, as sometimes these birds need to thaw for a few days. Leave a little room for error, and remember that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. The important thing is to have fun!

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