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Toyota FV2
Toyota’s looking to develop more than automotive technology these days. This time, the world’s largest automaker is turning to human assistance robots. Nicknamed HSR for “human support robot”, the Star Wars looking robot can perform one extremely important task: picking things up. While that may not sound important, to the […]

Toyota’s New Robot to Aid Senior Citizens

2016 Toyota Mirai
Toyota’s getting closer to matching the conventional gasoline engine when it comes to driving range in the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Releasing to the public in California later this year, Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the first mass market option of its kind and it’s getting hard to pass up. […]

2016 Toyota Mirai’s Free Fuel Deal

Brake Rotor
Even with today’s advanced safety and technology systems, things can still go wrong when you’re out on the road. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is driving in the middle of traffic when your brakes fail. This doesn’t mean certain doom though. We here at Muller […]

What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

Toyota’s New Device helps the visually impaired
Is #Toyota Building a #Hybrid Open-Wheel Super-Light #Sportscar? — Carjojo Corp (@CarjojoCorp) May 26, 2015 Toyota has always been a leader in the car industry, offering more and more innovative models that knock the competition’s socks off. Now, the Japanese carmaker is taking this innovation even further. Toyota […]

Toyota Hints at Future Open-Wheel Sports Car Concept

2015 Toyota Camry
The Toyota and Mazda partnership will be extending, according to a recent announcement by Reuters. The two have already collaborated on the Scion iA and Mazda2, and now it looks that was just the start of their partnership. The extended partnership would benefit both companies, as Toyota has extensive experience […]

Toyota and Mazda Partnership Expanding

Toyota Mirai
The 2016 Toyota Mirai made history April 25th when it became the first ever hydrogen-fueled pace car for the Toyota Owners 400 NASCAR race held in Richmond, Virginia. “Bringing the Mirai to Richmond to pace this important race is another way for Toyota to showcase our innovation and environmental leadership,” […]

Toyota Mirai Pace Car Makes NASCAR History

A group of teenagers
What better way to promote safe teen driving than to have their peers encourage them? That’s the idea behind Toyota’s recent TeenDrive365 Video Challenge, a competition designed to have teen drivers make short videos on safe driving habits. More than 1,000 videos were submitted from across the country, according to […]

Toyota Encourages Safe Teen Driving