How to Safely Transport Your Christmas Tree

transport your Christmas tree

If your family is like millions of others across the country, then you will be traveling to your local tree farm or lot to pick out your annual Christmas tree. However, once you’ve chosen the perfect one, you then have to transport your Christmas tree home. To help make sure you, your car, and your tree make it home safely, follow these suggestions.

  • Trust the experts. The workers at the tree farm or lot handle hundreds of trees each year. If they will attach the tree to your car for you, let them—they know what they’re doing. If they won’t do it for you, ask them for any suggestions.
  • Bring a tarp or blanket. Put a tarp or blanket under your tree to protect your car from scratches and strap needles.
  • Net the tree. Most tree vendors will place your tree in a snug-fitting net before you take it home. This will make the tree much more manageable. Do not remove this net until the tree is inside your house.
  • Bring lots of rope or bungee cords. Don’t skimp on the rope when you’re tying down the tree on your roof. Also, make sure the tree’s trunk is facing forward to reduce any wind damage to your tree.
  • Test the tree. Give the tree a good tug before you drive away.
  • Drive slowly. Hopefully this is common sense, but once you have a tree strapped to your roof, you want to make sure to avoid highways and drive slowly.

Do you have any tips on how to transport your Christmas tree? We would appreciate a comment and also don’t forget to visit our dealership, that way you can test drive one of the exciting Toyota vehicles at our lot.

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