Tips: Avoid Online Car Buying Mistakes

Buying a Car Online

There are many reasons people choose to buy a car online – convenience, low cost, or the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for, but sometimes the risk can outweigh the benefits. Make sure you understand the risks associated with buying a car online, and avoid these common online car buying mistakes.

Too good to be true? If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Look out for scammers who use a low price as bait, only to attempt to scam would-be buyers. The familiar scam asks the buyer to transfer money via wire, and then the “seller” promptly vanishes – with the seller’s money. Keep in mind that while some wires can be legitimate, make sure you know and trust the person receiving the money. Once funds are sent via wire, they are nearly impossible to recall – it’s just like sending cash. (For more information on car-buying scams, visit

Skipping the test drive. If you do decide to buy a car online, it’s best to choose a seller that you’re able to meet with for a test drive. If you’re seller is across the country, you’ll be paying for shipping costs for a car you’ve never seen. Be cautious, and do your research before making any kind of commitment.

If buying a car online makes you a bit nervous, you’re not alone. We think cars should be purchased after a thorough inspection and test drive, from a seller you trust. Stop by Muller Toyota, Clinton’s most trusted Toyota dealership, for more information!

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