Toyota’s New Robot to Aid Senior Citizens

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Toyota continues to innovate

Toyota’s looking to develop more than automotive technology these days. This time, the world’s largest automaker is turning to human assistance robots. Nicknamed HSR for “human support robot”, the Star Wars looking robot can perform one extremely important task: picking things up. While that may not sound important, to the elderly, it’s extremely important.

Accessible from a computer to be used via a camera phone, HSR comes with an internet-accessible screen as well. In general, HSR’s single ability to pick things up is vital to the elderly, who often have ailments that render them incapable of bending over. In addition to the elderly, HSR can help the disabled as well.

“Although it can only do one simple task of picking up, it’s already making disabled people quite happy. We’re just getting started, but eventually we want it to enter people’s homes,” said Kouichi Ikeda, HSR engineer, at an exhibition of health care technology in Yokohama, southwest of Tokyo.

With 40% of Japan’s population reaching the age of 65 by 2060, advanced robotics can’t come fast enough. That seems to be where Toyota’s headed too. The company also has a robot with human-like fingers capable of playing the trumpet and another that can play the violin.

Advanced robotics right around the corner? What a time to be alive!

We here at Muller Toyota are ecstatic to see what other robotics Toyota will develop in the near future!

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