2016 Toyota Mirai’s Free Fuel Deal

2016 Toyota Mirai

2016 Toyota Mirai will not only offer amazing incentives, but it also looks spectacular

Toyota’s getting closer to matching the conventional gasoline engine when it comes to driving range in the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Releasing to the public in California later this year, Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the first mass market option of its kind and it’s getting hard to pass up. Toyota’s offering a new incentive for Mirai buyers: the Mirai’s free fuel deal.

Toyota recently announced that the 2016 Mirai will have a driving range of 312 miles before it needs a fill up. That’s not quite up to the driving range of the popular Camry or Corolla, but it’s getting closer. The Mirai’s miles per gallon equivalent or MPGe sits between the conventional gasoline engine and all-electric models (like the Prius) with 67 MPGe.

The Mirai, unlike electric vehicles, doesn’t require the driver to wait around while the battery charges. Like the conventional gasoline engine, drivers can simply fill up and go.

To give buyers another incentive to buy the first mass market hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, Toyota’s also include three years or $15,000 of free fuel.

That only leaves one problem: the hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Toyota has committed to building its own network and, in time, other automakers hopefully will as well.

We here at Muller Toyota are happy to see more incentives to usher in the newest green technology!

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