Toyota Hints at Future Open-Wheel Sports Car Concept

Toyota has always been a leader in the car industry, offering more and more innovative models that knock the competition’s socks off. Now, the Japanese carmaker is taking this innovation even further. Toyota recently hinted at its plan to offer a radical new open-wheel sports car concept to debut later this year.

According to Australia’s Motoring website, this open-wheel sports car concept will have three seats and will pack a 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid powertrain in its narrow nose. With this powertrain set up, this potential car concept will generate about 100 horsepower, sending power to its rear wheels with a continuously variable transmission. Along with its hybrid powertrain, the concept will also offer an innovative carbon fiber body, making it lighter, and easier to power.

This open-wheel sports car concept is expected to debut in late October at the Tokyo Motor Show with the possibility of entering production by 2017. For more information on this out-of-the-box concept car, make sure you check back with Muller Toyota in the future!

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