Toyota Mirai Pace Car Makes NASCAR History

Toyota Mirai

Early concept for the Toyota Mirai

The 2016 Toyota Mirai made history April 25th when it became the first ever hydrogen-fueled pace car for the Toyota Owners 400 NASCAR race held in Richmond, Virginia. “Bringing the Mirai to Richmond to pace this important race is another way for Toyota to showcase our innovation and environmental leadership,” said Ed Laukes, vice president of marketing, performance and guest experience, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

Powered by hydrogen, the environmentally friendly and sustainable Mirai can reach 153 hp, travel up to 300 miles on one tank, and, thanks to the lack of gasoline, emits only water vapor. Refueling the family sedan only takes an estimated five minutes.

While the likes of the Toyota Mirai pace car are currently only available for order in California, Toyota has plans to build a hydrogen-fueled infrastructure in the Northeast in the not too distant future. But until then, be sure to stop by Muller Toyota and witness the ‘innovation and environmental leadership’ that Toyota imbues into its newest available fleet!

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