Tips on How to Travel With a Pet

Two dogs in their very own car

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Tips on How to Travel With a Pet

Spring is just around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to take your dog—or cat—on an outdoor adventure. While you’re transporting Fido or Garfield, though, make sure you keep these tips on how to travel with a pet in mind to keep your furry friends safe in the car!

Restrain your pet properly. It’s important to prevent your pet from roaming the car freely, so make sure they are restrained while the car is in motion. There are plenty of crash-tested safety belts and crates to choose from. Pick the one that suits your needs the most and remember—giving your animal free range of the car is a hazard to both you and your pet!

Don’t leave your pet in the car alone. The interior of a car can heat up and cool down quicker than you can imagine. Even in 72 degrees Fahrenheit weather, your car’s interior can heat up to 116 degree within an hour. Regardless of how long you think you will be away from the car, even if it’s only a few minutes, you should always take your pet with you.

Keep your pets in the back seat. Though you might want your pet snuggled up with you in the front seat, this increases the possibility of both you and your pet being injured in the event of an accident. Making sure your pets stay in your car’s back seat will ensure you both remain safe and sound.

With these tips on how to travel with a pet, both you and your best furry friend will have a safer journey. Do you still need a vehicle for your next road trip? Stop in to Muller Toyota and test drive our vehicles!

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