Updated Auris Model Added to Toyota Geneva Lineup

Toyota Name Plate

We can’t wait to see the new Auris!

Toyota has big plans for the Geneva Auto Show this month, displaying a list of models both upgraded and brand new for the catalogs of the next few years. As of last week, that Geneva roster reportedly will contain the updated Toyota Auris.

While a concept model of the new Auris found itself at the LA Auto Show recently, the variant at Geneva will be totally different. This model has undergone a serious makeover, with a different front end, major cabin changes, and a list of modern safety features.

Power-wise, the hybrid Auris stays mostly the same, but the upgraded Auris will be getting both a new gasoline and diesel engine. More specifics on these models will be revealed in Geneva this or next week.

The Toyota Geneva lineup is shaping up to be strong, with the Auris premiere occurring in conjunction with a similar reveal of the latest Toyota Avensis, which will also see a list of improvements.

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